Stone Chip Repair

Undetectable Stone Chip Repair & Car Detailing in Basingstoke

We specialise in repairing stone chips with precision and care. Whether your vehicle has minor or deep stone chip damage, our highly trained technicians use the latest repair techniques and chip repair systems to deliver seamlessly integrated results. We’ll match your car’s colour code and apply high-quality paint to restore the affected area fully.


How Do We Repair?

  • Damage Assessment: We carefully inspect the affected area to assess the severity of the damage, identifying the size, depth and location of the chips, using specialised tools and lighting to ensure a thorough examination.


  • Clean-Up: We clean the damaged area to remove dirt, debris, and loose paint, using gentle cleaning agents and microfibre cloths to avoid causing additional damage to the surrounding paintwork.


  • Paintwork: We match the paint colour to your car’s original finish to create a seamless blend, using precision brushes or airbrushes to carefully fill in the stone chips.


  • Sanding: We use fine-grit sandpaper to level the repaired area and feather the edges, removing any excess paint to erase any sign of difference between the repaired spot and the surrounding paint.


  • Polishing: We polish the repaired area to restore its shine and gloss, using specialised compounds and buffing pads to achieve a flawless finish.


  • Waxing: We apply a high-quality wax or sealant to provide an additional layer of defence against environmental factors.


Bodywork Solutions That Maintain An Even Surface

Stone chips are a common yet unsightly issue that can compromise the smooth and flawless surface of your vehicle's bodywork. Through our mobile services in Basingstoke, we offer specialised stone chip repair services designed to address these minor but persistent imperfections. Our experienced technicians use precise techniques and high-quality materials to fill and smooth out stone chips, ensuring a seamless integration with the surrounding paintwork.


Why Choose MC’s Detailing?

We’re accredited detailers for autosmart, matrix ceramic coatings, Autobead, nasiol and nano ceramics. When we tackle stone chip repair, we use our experience and expertise to resolve issues quickly. Our priority? Your satisfaction. We treat every vehicle as if it were our own. Whether it’s a small surface blemish or a deeper impact, we address it with precision to correct it until it’s unseen.


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Our meticulous approach not only restores the even surface of your vehicle but also provides a durable and long-lasting solution that protects against future damage. Allow us to look after and treat your car, helping you to maintain the integrity and appearance of your car's bodywork in the event of a stone chip.

With 10% discount available for NHS and military workers, the work we do is offered at highly cost-effective rates.
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