Scratch Repair

Conceal Marks With Discreet Scratch Repair With Our Mobile Car Detailing in Basingstoke

Detecting damage on your vehicle can be a frustrating experience, especially when unsightly scratches and marks tarnish the finish of your car. Whether it's a minor scuff from a careless parking manoeuvre or a deeper scratch from an unavoidable incident, these blemishes can significantly detract from the overall appearance. We offer a wide range of car scratch repair services using advanced techniques and products as we’re Accredited detailers to the likes of AutoSmart, Matrix, Autobead, Nasiol, and Nano Ceramic coatings. We’re mobile dealers, meaning we repair and service on your doorstop for convenience. We understand the importance of maintaining your car's aesthetic appeal, specialising in discreet scratch repair to restore your car's exterior to its original condition.


How We Work

  • Light Scratches: Scratches are considered light when the clear coat on top of the paint has been grazed, such as from contact with a bush, not being washed properly and using the wrong materials causing a mirroring or a haze look meaning they can be polished out by hand. After assessing the scratch, we use a professional-grade polish and a fine cloth to gently buff the scratch.


  • Medium Scratches: Medium scratches are slightly deeper, requiring correction by a machine polish. When the scratch has reached primer or metal, we apply a premium solution, offering exclusive repairs for more extensive damage. Medium scratches may not always require paint, sometimes a small fixed up with a light sand back and polish. Sometimes a 1 stage polish or even 2 stages are needed.


  • Deep Scratches: Deep scratches are when the damage has gone through to the primer. In these instances, the surface needs sanding back to level out, with paint applied before being polished back up and blended in. We use fine-grit sanding blocks or buffers designed for paintwork to smooth the surface, touching up with colour-matched paint to provide an even finish.


What Are the Benefits of Professional Scratch Repair?

  • Expertise in Paint Matching and Blending: We match the paint colour we work with to that of the vehicle, blending the repair area into the original paint.
  • Enhanced Appearance: We restore the surface of vehicles back to their original state, preserving their aesthetic to maintain a clean look.
  • Protection Against Further Damage: We repair quickly to prevent further damage to underlying layers of the car body, caused by UV rays, moisture and road salts. And applied with a wax afterwards for that extra protection against road grime, UV rays and all types of weather that the UK are custom to.


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We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every scratch is carefully assessed and treated to achieve an impeccable finish. We’re accredited to autobead and nasol and nano ceramics, verifying the work we do. Visit us today and let our skilled professionals help you conceal those marks, fixing the paintwork to a condition that’s smooth and even.

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