Paint Correction

Professional Paint Correction by MC's Detailing in Basingstoke

At MC's Detailing in Basingstoke, we offer expert paint correction. This meticulous auto detailing procedure is designed to eliminate imperfections such as hazing, minor scratches, marring, swirl marks, and other blemishes that mar the beauty of your vehicle's clear coat. Our paint correction service goes above and beyond to provide a flawless finish that revitalises the appearance of your car.

Precision & Expertise

Our professional paint correction process involves the use of specialised machines and polishing compounds. These advanced techniques delicately remove microscopic layers of clear coat, slowly unveiling a surface that is not just smooth but radiantly shiny.

Advanced Techniques for Optimal Results

Our skilled specialist employs either rotary or dual-action polishing machines, along with a selection of pads and polishes. For more extensive corrections, we adopt a multi-stage approach, progressing from the most abrasive to a fine finishing polish. Deep scratches are addressed in the initial stages, while lighter abrasions receive the attention they need for a full transformation.

Experience the remarkable results of our paint correction detail. You can expect an astonishing improvement in paintwork, highlighting the effectiveness of our precision-driven approach. At MC's Detailing, we believe in transparency, and our results speak for themselves.

A Commitment to Excellence

MC's Detailing is proud to hold accreditations from Auto Smarts, Matrix Ceramic Coatings and Nasiol Nano Ceramic Coatings. Our specialists have completed rigorous courses and hold certificates. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that our clients receive services that are not just exceptional but also backed by the latest industry knowledge.


Our Gratitude in Discounts

As a token of gratitude, MC's Detailing offers a 10% discount to all NHS personnel in service and all Military staff in service or retired. It's our way of saying thank you for their invaluable service.


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