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Matrix Ceramic Coating in Basingstoke: Fortify Your Car

MC's Detailing excel at providing a range of quality car care options in Basingstoke. We are happy to present Matrix Ceramic Coating, the ultimate shield for your vehicle's paint. Accredited and certified in the Matrix Ceramic Coating System, we bring you cutting-edge protection that goes beyond the ordinary. Discover the benefits of Matrix Ceramic Coating and choose the level of defence that suits your car's needs.


Basingstoke Matrix Ceramic Coating: Blue Edition

For those seeking exceptional durability and protection, the Blue edition offers a 3-year guarantee. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our experts invest approximately 6–8 hours to complete the coating process. Prices start at £400, making it a valuable investment for preserving your car's pristine condition.

What's Included in the Blue Edition:

- Weather Resistance: shields against the elements, ensuring your car remains protected in various weather conditions.
- Abrasion and Marring Resistance: Guards against scratches and marks, maintaining the flawless look of your vehicle.
- Chemical and Contaminant Resistance: Repels chemicals and contaminants, preserving the integrity of your car's paint.
- Enhanced Depth of Colour: Matrix Ceramic Coating enhances the depth of colour and finish, providing a showroom-worthy appearance.

Basingstoke Matrix Ceramic Coating: Black Edition

For those seeking an extended shield, the BLACK edition offers an impressive 8-year guarantee. This protection requires up to 2 whole days to achieve, mainly for curing time. Prices starting at £900, this option is perfect for enthusiasts looking for long-lasting excellence. Please note that you'll need a garage or pop-up tent or gazebo for curing, ensuring a debris-free environment.

What's Included in the Black Edition:

- Extended Durability: Provides an 8-year guarantee, ensuring long-lasting protection against various environmental factors.
- Curing Time: The coating requires curing time, making it a meticulous process for optimal results.
- Shelter Requirements: To achieve the black edition, a garage or shelter is necessary to prevent debris and contamination during the curing process.

Starting prices are just a guide, as the final cost may vary based on the vehicle's age, condition, and additional work needed, such as scratch repairs, paint correction, and machine polishing.

Preserve Your Car's Elegance

Elevate your vehicle's protection and aesthetics with Matrix Ceramic Coating at MC's Detailing in Basingstoke. Our accredited experts ensure precision and excellence, delivering results that surpass expectations. Choose the blue or black edition and maintain your car's showroom-worthy paint.


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